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Narrative Shorts #6

From sexual assult and gun violence to unemployment, the subjects in this collection of narrative short films strive to be resilient and strong in the face of unbearable obstacles.

In this program


Directed by Emilie Upczak

A Native botanist, grieving the death of a beloved aunt, travels alone to Northern Mexico, where she is nourished by images of the last trip they took together traversing the Colorado River.

Ball is Ball

Directed by Kayla Robinson

Inspired by the life experience of Writer/Director Kayla Robinson, BALL IS BALL is a narrative short film about the lasting impact and complicated nuances of sexual assault. The story follows Robin Coleman, a high school basketball star who’s caught the attention of her dream college—and her crush. While sharing the excitement, she misplaces her trust in a friend and soon learns the ill-intention of another unsuspected admirer.

How Many More?

Directed by Lucas de Jesus

João only wanted to fight for a better and fairer world, but a sad reality comes to light.


Directed by Mahmood Yazdani Bahramabadi

A tale of resilience in an environmentally unfriendly world.

Through The Barricades

Directed by Alexandrine Benjamin

In the midst of the treacherous social protests that have paralyzed Haiti for months, a modest couple must face blocked roads and murderous gangs in the hope of finding a place to give birth safely. Sacrifices have to be made, but none of them are ready for what is to come.


Directed by Molly E. Smith

Barricaded in a motel room, a mother’s determination and primal instincts kick in to protect her child’s innocence.

After (A Love Story)

Directed by Clare Cooney

After surviving a violent event, a couple tries to overcome the space trauma created between them.

The Manager Position

Directed by Craig Trow

From Oscar® winning producer Andrew Carlberg (Skin), starring Emmy nominated female actor Jackie Hoffman (Only Murders in the Building) comes THE MANAGER POSITION. Philip was let go from his job five months ago due to a recession that led to his company’s closing. While he has used the time to seek employment, it’s been all dead ends and rejections. To make matters worse, Philip has yet to tell his stay-at-home wife about his termination. With no job on the horizon, and nowhere to go during working hours, he returns to his old office building to remind him of his former self. At a breaking point, Philip commandeers the vacant manager’s office, and his world starts to open up with new opportunities as he finds himself among others that are also experiencing financial and employment hardship.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sun, Oct 2
4:40 pm