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Documentary Shorts #3

Observational and deeply moving, this collection of documentary short films attempts to understand the interconnectivity of beings and the impact our actions have on others.

In this program

Last Days Of August

Directed by Robert Machoian, Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck

Does a town still exist if nearly everyone has died or left? Using the photobook aesthetic, filmmakers Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck and Robert Machoian explore some nearly abandoned prairie towns of Nebraska and meditate on the blurred lines between still photography and cinema.

ᏚᏙᎥᎪᏪᎸ: Signature: The Cherokee Speakers Roll

Directed by Jennifer Loren

The Cherokee language is sacred to our people and unfortunately it’s endangered. How will the next generation ensure the language survives? A book. The Cherokee Speakers Roll is at the heart of language preservation efforts. Learn how it has brought Cherokee language warriors together.

Belle River

Directed by and Yannick Nolin, Guillaume Fournier, Samuel Matteau

BELLE RIVER is a film about Louisiana and its peaceful inhabitants, both threatened with extinction by the emergence of the climate crisis.

Second Shot

Directed by Andrew Michael Ellis

An investigative documentary about violent crime and juvenile justice. SECOND SHOT investigates the complexities the US parole process through the lens of one of New York’s most notorious murders of the early 90’s: a shootout on Christmas night during a screening of The Godfather III. Through intimate storytelling on both the victim and perpetrator’s side, the film exposes the impossibility of using punishment as a form of healing.

Ripples And Pools

Directed by Robin Burke

When life is dark and you feel like you are losing your loving spirit, where do you go? Where do you go when everything hurts? Faced with expensive, debilitating surgery, Director Robin Burke sought out aquatherapy in Louisville, Kentucky. Affirming and quiet, sorrowful and joyous, RIPPLES AND POOLS shares intimate portraits and perspectives, dissolving grief, while holding you like your grandmother. The film embraces the hopeful and refreshed possibilities for healing ourselves, each other, and the world we occupy.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sun, Oct 2
12:15 pm