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Documentary Shorts #2

From hair styling the terminally ill to spotting and reporting wildfires in the Moshannon Forest, the characters in this collection of documentary short films give us a peak into their extraordinarily ordinary lives.

In this program

Big Water Summer: A Creation Story

Directed by Sophie Harris

What can one person do to keep her community healthy? Cherilyn Yazzie grew up on the Navajo
Nation and after years of working in public health, she has returned to her ancestral land to grow produce for her community. As a social worker, Cherilyn grew tired of telling kids to eat healthily when that was often impossible: there are only 13 grocery stores on the Navajo Nation, a reservation that is over 27,000 square miles. Cherilyn and her husband are embarking on their biggest crop to date during a summer in which nothing goes as planned. Faced with the chaos of a changing climate and devastating family loss, Cherilyn endures but will the farm survive?

The Hairdresser

Directed by Lorraine Price

Kathleen is a hairdresser. Always has been. Always will be. Even at 83, she’s still doing hair. But not in the way you would expect. Kathleen’s work is special. For the last 31 years, she has done the hair of the terminally ill in palliative care. In this short, poetic documentary, Kathleen reflects on her experience while we bear witness to her unusual work.

Watching The Wilds

Directed by Nick Natalicchio

WATCHING THE WILDS is a short documentary film about lookout towers used to spot and report wildfires in the Moshannon Forest District of Pennsylvania.

Unity Mosque

Directed by Nicole Teeny

After having to hide their relationship while making the Hajj, El-Farouk—a gay Imam—and his husband Troy co-founded Unity Mosque in Toronto, one of the world’s first Queer-affirming and gender-equal mosques. Though the mosque receives death threats, it forges on, playing a life-saving role in the lives of its members.

Big Rocks

Directed by Ethan Payne

Daniel is a stonemason living in Cashiers, North Carolina, a place surrounded by unparalleled wealth and natural beauty.


Directed by Tobias Ohlsson

This identity-driven short documentary centers around a small town florist. Joakim recounts his life growing up in the Swedish countryside, struggling for acceptance among his peers, society, family, and ultimately himself.

Hunger Is Real: Voices Of Western North Carolina

Directed by Adams J. Wood

HUNGER IS REAL: VOICES OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA is a short documentary film produced by MANNA FoodBank that gives a real look at the state of hunger in Western North Carolina. The film features four food relief organizations who are part of the MANNA Partner Network, a 200+ strong network of nonprofits, schools, churches, and other community-focused groups who are providing food to people in their community across the 16 western-most counties of North Carolina. HUNGER IS REAL introduces viewers to some of the families seeking food assistance in Western North Carolina, and the volunteers who help them.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Fri, Sep 30
1:30 pm