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Carolina Crafted Films: Regional Filmmaker Roundtable (Group 2)

  • 60 mins

Join Charlotte Film Festival for a moderated discussion with our very own Programming Director, Taylor Montalto. We will be speaking to a group of regional filmmakers with films in this year’s festival with topics to include, but not limited to: their individual films, challenges and happy accidents encountered during production, tips to help other filmmakers tell their southern stories, and their films’ journey overall.

This event is free and open-to-the-public, so invite your friends and family to come by!

Moderator: Programming Director, Taylor Montalto


Co-director/Producer, Tim Grant (MISSISSIPPI RIVER STYX)

Director/DP, Madison Hill (FALLOUT)

Writer/Producer, N.C. Jones (LUNGS)

Co-director/Producer, Andy McMillan (MISSISSIPPI RIVER STYX)

Director/Writer/Producer, A.J. Riggins (FIREFLIES SAVE THE NIGHT)

Director/Writer/Producer, Robbie Robertson (COMMON AS RED HAIR)

Co-director/Co-producer, Chris Nolen (CORPSEPAINT)

Co-director/Co-producer/Music, Micah Troublefield (CORPSEPAINT)

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sat, Sep 30
11:15 am