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Student Shorts #2

A collection of student-made short films designed to cultivate a deep understanding of grief, identity, and how to get through the thick of it.

In this program

Penelope’s Rules

Directed by Inayah Jackson

After the death of her father, Penelope just wants to be left alone. When her neighbor, Wendy, befriends her, she’s forced to let love into her life.


Directed by Michael Dean Wilkins

Bruno, living as a young gay Latino in high school, has just started to discover himself and his sexuality. Now that he has a new boyfriend, he feels he is finally ready to come out to his parents. However, after Bruno tells this to his older sister Lucia, she soon reminds him that coming out to his parents isn’t the best idea. This leads him to question his decision and the expression of his queerness in his own life.

I Don’t Fight the Dark as Well as I Used To

Directed by Aidan Cronin

After making his granddaughter sleep with the light off, Frank struggles coming to terms with the dark.

Sulam (Ladder)

Directed by Noam Argov

When an immigrant teen must help her mother buy a ladder before a school exam, tensions of belonging in a new country bubble to the surface.

Strawberry Mouthwash

Directed by Mackenzie Marsteller

A teenage girl clings to the memory of her troubled older sister through past moments triggered by objects in their bathroom.


Directed by Clara Dubau

Elio volunteers for a filmed experiment to help him reconnect with a repressed memory.

The Sunlight From Your Tongue

Directed by M. Ceren Arslan

Yearning to help her depressed lover, an artist chooses to stay with him as he commits suicide, accepting a tragedy that will change her forever.


Directed by George Ellzey Jr.

When estranged sisters Jade and Amber attend their mother’s funeral, long-held resentments and painful secrets come out into the open.

Born Again

Directed by Will Henderson III

A boy confronts his religious mother with questions and concerns about God and the church on the day of his baptism.

The Choice To Love

Directed by Anna Dvorak

An Australian high school teacher is offered a job promotion while caring for her elderly Czech mother and must decide whether she will pursue doing what she loves or remain looking after the one she loves.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sat, Sep 30
12:45 pm