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Student Shorts #1

A collection of student-made short films with passionate persistence and resilience in center frame.

In this program

Traffic Stop

Directed by Piyu Somani

Two commuters have an unexpected encounter that soon blooms into a true connection, but with the pressures of everyday life, how will they slow down enough to really talk?

Big Mama’s Antiques & Restorations

Directed by Gabriel Henk

Antique store owner, Stanley Ray Stevenson, has a collection that would rival many museums, but many of his objects paint a complex portrait of American History from the Civil War to the present.

Nobody Likes Raisins

Directed by Natasa Eleftheriou

What Director, Natasa Eleftheriou wished she could have done after being bullied by her college soccer coach and team.


Directed by Skylar King Torrey

A comedy short that shows a man very devoted to the game of poker. He shows this by explaining the game and all that it has to offer. But what’s the real reason he’s explaining the game?

Justice for Batman: The Mark Racop Case

Directed by Aidan Merck

Mark Racop, a batmobile maker from Indiana, is accused and raided by California police while being forced into a criminal court case.

Bad Pickle

Directed by Ryan Patrick Healy

After a poor choice at family movie night, Lilly must face a new terror: her pet goldfish, PICKLE!


Directed by Jack Hisatomi

Before he can marry the love of his life, a young man searching for approval must go on a boar hunt with his soon-to-be father-in-law.

Mila and Imram

Directed by Clara Hirata

As competition rises between German and Turkish street vendors, they must form an unlikely alliance to help make ends meet.

Spear, Spatula, Submarine: Floridians Fight To Take Back Their Waters

Directed by Shannon Morrall

With an avaricious appetite, no native predators, and rapid reproduction rates, the invasive lionfish is one of the planet’s greatest eco-disasters. In this short documentary about sustainability and activism, a community of passionate Floridians use creative removal methods to save the waters they love.

TikTok Challenged

Directed by Ivan Rome

Claretha, a soap opera-loving grandmother, has always dreamed of being a star, and she’s finally got her chance: TikTok. She’s gonna go viral baby! But, she needs a little help from her grandson, Daryl, who didn’t plan to spend the day teaching his grandma how to do a TikTok dance. Will they be able to successfully make a TikTok? Maybe. Will their TikTok go viral? Who knows! But, watching the two of them struggle through this challenge together is a fun ride filled with peach cobbler, Hollywood dreams, and a whole lot of funky dancing.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sun, Oct 1
12:00 pm