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Narrative Shorts #7

From a church choir up to something to a girls’ weekend trip gone wrong, this collection of narrative short films gives you a sweet slice of suspense.

In this program

From The Flesh

Directed by Hunter Livingston

An ambitious teenage singer responds to a seemingly innocuous flier advertising open auditions for a traveling youth choir and discovers that the group is Evangelical. At first undeterred by their religious devotion, she realizes her mistake as they slowly reveal their sinister intentions for her voice, far beyond singing.


Directed by Kieran Moreira

In the near future, when an environmental disaster threatens humanity and oxygen is scarce, Satchel, a former baseball pitcher, must fight to survive after turning her back on a group of violent murderers who are now hot on her heels.


Directed by Julie Sharbutt

When a phone scammer makes one last late night call, the woman on the other end gives her much more than she bargained for.

Stop Dead

Directed by Emily Greenwood

When a workaholic city detective and her laid-back partner try to stop a disheveled girl staggering down the middle of a country road, they discover she’s being stalked by some unseen entity with a horrifying ultimatum: you stop moving, you die.

The Encounter

Directed by Shaun Rogers

Following a tragic accident at work, Henry bears witness to a horrific act that provides an opportunity to redeem himself.

Make It Stop

Directed by Ryan Valdez

Anna Bowman’s patient, Jacob hears voices and sounds again, thinking it is God. She tries to solve this issue only to be confronted by what these voices really are.


Directed by Gene Blalock

A woman struggles with her identity as a charming late night connection takes a dark turn.

Get Away

Directed by Michael Gabriele

A group of friends spending the weekend at a remote vacation rental in the desert, play a mysterious VHS tape, and realize that there are too many strange and terrifying coincidences.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sat, Sep 30
9:20 pm