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Narrative Shorts #6

Dark and psychologically unhinged, this collection of narrative short films goes bump in the night.

In this program

Ringing Rocks

Directed by Gus Reed

A young man takes his grief-stricken boyfriend to recover at an idyllic desert resort, but awakens to an eerie new reality. Starring Hunter Doohan (Showtime’s YOUR HONOR, Netflix’s WEDNESDAY), Max Sheldon, and Rhian Rees (HALLOWEEN, REBEL MOON).

The Monster Inside My Head

Directed by Maude Michaud

A woman is tormented by a menacing creature who tries to take control of her body.

Bury a Dream

Directed by Carol Del Mar, Paulina Zamorano

A grieving teen’s sleepwalking disorder spirals into a nightmare.

Go To Bed Raymond

Directed by Nikki Taylor Roberts

When your kids tell you there is someone in their room, you should listen.

Ships in the Night

Directed by Elliot Wilks

Haunted by recurring nightmares, a frightened girl hires a hypnotherapist as a last resort to maintain her sanity.

Sleep Study

Directed by Natalie Metzger

A restless new mother confronts a dangerous terror whenever she tries to sleep.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Fri, Sep 29
6:15 pm