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Narrative Shorts #5

From suicide to miscarriages–and everything in-between–the subjects in this collection of narrative short films strive to reamin intact when faced with the loss of a loved one.

In this program

Past Prologue

Directed by Brian Russell

Interracial couple Robert and Claudette reconnect after 60 years. A chance encounter in a coffee shop decades after they first met takes them on an emotional journey through their past, and leads to a discovery of long-buried feelings.


Directed by Liv Boren

12-year-old Vivienne sneaks into her first concert with the help of her older brother. But a sudden on-stage tragedy shocks her to her core, awakening intolerable feelings she’s struggled to suppress since the death of her mother. REVERB explores trauma, grief, and the power of love, punctuated by the beating heart of British punk-rock.

After Death

Directed by Gavin Jennings Harwell

A father tidies up an unfinished life after the death of his son.

The Cerulean Sea

Directed by Unai Leza

On the night of their anniversary, a blind man hires a sex-assistant to impersonate his late wife. But upon hearing his guest’s voice, he shows a growing interest in the unknown woman and begins to picture her in his imagination.


Directed by Joshua Elias Palmer

Moments from the last days of an elderly mother. It weighs heavily on her son as he serves as caretaker.

The last Paper

Directed by Romain Gierenz

While couple Zoé and Ben are staying in a hotel in Paris, their sleep is disturbed by a rustling noise from the next room. At first they think it’s a mouse that’s up to mischief in a paper bag, but they quickly notice that the paper bag itself is making noise and seems to be breathing. Ben tries to be logical about it, but Zoé’s emotions suggest that the bag found its way into her life for a very different reason.

Ma Lina

Directed by Ydalie Turk

MA LINA is a drama about grief and the complicated relationship dynamics between two young girls and a domestic worker, in post-apartheid South Africa.

Good Grief

Directed by Robert Sharp

Four mothers experience the agony of child loss in a film that highlights the importance of grief.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sun, Oct 1
2:30 pm