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Narrative Shorts #1

Quirky without taking itself too seriosuly, this collection of narrative short films is sure to provide quite the comedic relief.

In this program

Carly Dolls

Directed by Jaxson Power, Maudie Schmidt

When Carly, a naive, homeschooled 14-year-old, is forced to face the treacherous waters of public high school, she turns to her beloved dolls, Lily and Mermia, for comfort and advice. Sprung from her own vivid imagination and taking the form of lifesize “friends,” they guide Carly through the ups and downs of growing up, fitting in, and figuring herself (and her sexuality) out.

Avant Guac

Directed by Chance Saller

An avocado, in a hat, travels the world.


Directed by Matt Scruggs

Two local 12-year-old boys help a vacationing college student retrace her steps after a reckless Spring Break night.


Directed by Steve Darby

Logan’s great time-saving idea doesn’t go over well with his colleagues.

Last Option

Directed by Don-Dimitri Joseph

The story follows Daniel, a gifted psychic with the ability to see into the future, but yet out-of-luck millennial–all the while coming into contact with the eccentric, homeless Josie–as they embark on a journey of committing burglaries.

Burt Hathaway

Directed by Julien Lasseur

Marsha is Missing! Factory workers burn to death! Burt and Hathaway embody the narcissism of corporate profits over workers’ rights in this darkly comedic short.


Directed by Margaret Miller

Ruby and Paula are gearing up to be their own bosses through multi-level success magnet, FYZZLE Cosmetics, when a small dog, a medium amount of blood, and a box of loose powder conspire against them.


Directed by Vivian Kerr

A reconciliation brunch between two estranged sisters goes awry when someone brings an unexpected guest.


Directed by Franie-Éléonore Bernier, Jean-David Rodrigue

In the Limoilou neighborhood of Quebec City, René and Polo are apprehensive about the arrival of the new next-door neighbor. Though he doesn’t know it, the young man is moving into the apartment previously occupied by Robert, their late friend who passed away two weeks prior. Spotting Robert’s barbecue left on the balcony, René begins to spiral as he refuses to leave it in the hands of the new next-door neighbor.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Thu, Sep 28
5:15 pm