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Documentary Shorts #3

With gut-wrenching, inventive ways of storytelling, this collection of documentary short films highlights the gritty nature of humanity.

In this program

Richard Mosse: What The Camera Cannot See

Directed by Ian Forster

Artist Richard Mosse documents humanitarian crises and environmental catastrophes by making the unseen visible. This film follows Mosse and his collaborators, Ben Frost and Trevor Tweeten, as they travel across the world to film under-reported world events in zones of conflict, repurposing surveillance technologies and scientific tools to capture stories and scenes that evoke deeper understanding and motivate audiences to act. In locations like the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where over 50 armed groups are engaged in combat, or along paths of migration from the Middle East and North Africa into the European Union, the artist works to bring attention to conflict and suffering around the world.


Directed by Madison Hill

As community members in a rural Appalachian town become sick, the source of the contagion is called into question. FALLOUT follows three individuals experiencing illnesses after exposure to environmental contamination from a nearby United States Army Ammunition Plant. Manufacturing propellants, explosives, and rockets for the Department of Defense, the facility is the largest polluter in Virginia emitting millions of pounds of toxic pollutants into the air, soil, and water each year. FALLOUT examines how the United States Military, in collusion with the private manufacturing industry, perpetuates the cycle of exploitation and environmental contamination that has inundated the Appalachian region for decades. The film incorporates digital footage as well as over 1200 feet of 16mm film processed with contaminants from the facility.


Directed by Charlie Haan

Once was here but flew away. Unveiled taboo.

Safe Place

Directed by Samuel-Ali Mirpoorian

A Southern Indiana man endures a fatal night of torture after being arrested for a routine traffic stop.


Directed by Gabe Braden, Isabella Miller

An activist drag queen in rural Alabama is forced to keep her identity secret as she fights for human rights in a race against the systematic erasure of her own history.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Thu, Sep 28
3:30 pm