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Neon Rage

Directed by Alejandra Parody

Camila, a young aspiring-and-struggling illustrator, meets Madison, a teenage girl, when Camila is hired by Madison’s (very) wealthy family as her tutor. Unlike Camila, Madison is confident, popular, and has never experienced rejection. Though Camila initially dismisses the teenager as vapid and out-of-touch, they connect over their shared struggles as artists at heart. Camila becomes seduced by Madison’s can-do-attitude and naïve drive. The short interaction ultimately sparks a new fire inside of Camila. There’s a low key, slice-of-life feel to the story. It moves us to reflect on the themes of wealth, privilege, and what it takes to be successful.

Plays in

Narrative Shorts #2

Communication, connection, relationships–and perhaps a little sexy time with citrus fruits–is the name of the game with this collection of narrative short films.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sun, Oct 1
2:15 pm