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Student Shorts #2

A collection of student-made short films designed to make sense of our broader purpose of existing.

In this program


Directed by Jeff ChiYang Chang

The members of a repressed Taiwanese family find comfort in their apartment building car park.


Directed by Tommy Butler

A skin picker and his girlfriend dance around his compulsive behavior, which threatens to tear their relationship apart.

Killing Myself

Eve, a Filipino-American teenage girl, writes a suicide note and leaves the house to get cigarettes for one last smoke when she meets Dawn who pulls her into a fun ride – her mother discovers her suicide note, while she rediscovers life.


Directed by Scott Morris, Stephanie Nakashima

Having experienced homelessness herself, Marcie recounts her time in tents and provides an understanding of the humanity that lies within the homeless population of Hamilton, Ontario. IN-TENTS breaks down the barriers and personalizes the homeless experience, hoping to share real-life perspectives in order to de-stigmatize our neighbors in tents.

He Was Hope

Directed by Taylor Conley

Following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr, a disillusioned black mechanic must reunite with his radical sister in order to protect them both in harrowing times.

These Bodies

Directed by Matthew Strasburger

In a meditative collision of sound and color, a pair of young women wander through a world beset by an ominous, omnipresent doom. A powerful bond forms as the pair flee through the woods and traverse a deserted countryside in search of refuge. As they linger on what’s been lost to the end of time and profess their love for each other, everything stops…

The Graveyard Shift

Directed by Téa Lynor

Bernie is a teenager who works with her cousin Santiago at the local 24-hour diner. While wasting time getting high on the clock, the two encounter a pair of suspicious customers. Little do they know, the meal is on the house.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sat, Oct 1
5:25 pm