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Narrative Shorts #8

Chock full of horror, comedy, and perhaps a smidge of blood, this collection of narrative short films will settle you in for one hell of a ride.

In this program

The Woodsman

Directed by Kyle Kuchta

Bernie Davis, a Christmas tree salesman, has three trees left to sell on Christmas Eve. As the night progresses, his anxiety (and alcohol) lead him to take unconventional measures to ensure that his lot is sold and his soul is safe.

Meat Friend

Directed by Izzy Lee

An ex-con, sentient pile of hamburger meat teaches after-school lessons to a child.

What A Harvest

Directed by Austin Rivera Davison, Matt Shapiro

A father tries to connect with his video game obsessed daughter, until he learns she hasn’t been eating her meals.

We Got A Dog

Directed by Ryan Valdez

Morgan comes home to find that her boyfriend Mason has decided to bring in a new pet.

Dead Men And Devils

Directed by Robert Filion

After a mysterious, deadly virus has infected the world population, targeting everyone except “the pure” – those born with AB negative blood – a young woman finds herself on the run from The Devils, a band of pure-blood marauders that take anything, and anyone they want.

The Night Courier

Directed by Mason McDonald

A single night offers a suffocating glimpse into the life of a woman whose occupation is feeding people to monsters. When one of her victims escapes, the story escalates into a hellish cat and mouse chase. Through the analogy of vampires and the metaphors of horror, THE NIGHT COURIER explores how our differences pit us against each other, and how our humanity might bring us together.


Directed by Chelsea Lupkin

Abandoned by her boyfriend in the middle of the night, a woman is faced with an unthinkable choice that could cost her life.


Directed by Alex Lippert

A tragedy happened in a small town, now a little boy haunts the woods.

Sweat Of His Cow

Directed by Alan Smithee, John Stuart Wildman

From the depths of someone’s lost VHS tapes is the story of an impossibly gorgeous doctor lawyer who runs out of gas next to a barn where an impossibly sweaty man is milking a cow. A sexy relationship ensues where they learn that gas is just the beginning, milk is always the end.


Directed by Sam Rudykoff

We’ve all received scam phone calls, but what about the person making the calls? CRUISE is a dark workplace satire about a hapless telemarketer trying mightily to give away a free cruise. And if he fails, there will be dire consequences.

Dates & Times


The Independent Picture House

Sat, Oct 1
9:35 pm